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Is it a dream?

It still feels like this is a dream, like its happening to someone else, almost a complete existential experience somewhat like those dreams where you think you are dreaming, but […]

Two Pictures

life is a real battle at the moment. It seems as though every day has a series of hurdles to overcome and each day I feel like I’m running 100 […]

My beautiful daughter’s prom

Last night was my beautiful daughter’s prom. It was tough. The kids all met at a friends house for a pre-prom party, so many Mums were there having their photographs […]

A New Chapter By The Sea

We went down to our new house over the weekend to have a chat with the guy selling it. Nothing is definite yet as we haven’t exchanged contracts, but as […]

It’s Getting Tough

They say ‘It’ll be tough’ – so what is that ‘it’ that they talk about? It’s getting tough now. But what is it? Can it be defined? Can we say […]

The journey to a new routine

Today I’m feeling rather overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with a) The practicalities of running the house b) The practicalities of dealing with the legal side of Claire’s death. The legal side of […]

Yesterday was a low day

Yesterday was a low day. I thought that after the funeral all the nasty ‘compulsory arranging stuff’ would end and that we could get on with dealing with things – […]

Moving on and Grieving seem at odds

I’ve not posted for a few days as we went down to Devon to spend some time with my sister and her family – thanks guys for having us – […]

A sense of dread

Last night I experienced something really odd. A deep, painful and dark sense of complete and utter dread. If I think about my own death, about the eternity of not […]

A Thank You

Over the past couple of days I’ve had a few conversations about coping and grief, and how we deal with those emotions. I know this website gets read a lot […]