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Monthly Archives: May 2013

What is grief?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently. I spend a lot of time online which is good from the point of view of finding out information, and bad because […]

Each day I learn a little bit more

Yesterday seemed like a bit of a dark day, as you can probably tell from my blog post. It’s strange how things can turn around quite quickly. I’m doing what […]

Wearing the armour

Friday 24th May: This is so stupid. Someone bought me  a really nice bottle of red wine for my birthday (which was 2 days before Claire died) and I’ve not […]

Change Time

I know from my training as a coach that we create emotional problems (phobias, fear, anger etc) when there is a massive change, or significant emotional event, in our lives […]

There’s no fitting title

I’m really starting to notice that Claire shaped hole in my life now. She died just over a month ago and it really feels like it! We’re coping pretty well […]

It’s Getting Tough

They say ‘It’ll be tough’ – so what is that ‘it’ that they talk about? It’s getting tough now. But what is it? Can it be defined? Can we say […]

Missing her

Yesterday I went to see a new client in Epsom, Surrey. On my way back I drove through Ashtead and remembered that my old boss that I worked for when […]

Loss of Love

Whilst driving the other day I had a realisation. I’m not loved any more! I’m not saying that no-one loves me, it’s just that I’m not loved in a husband/wife […]

The journey to a new routine

Today I’m feeling rather overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with a) The practicalities of running the house b) The practicalities of dealing with the legal side of Claire’s death. The legal side of […]

Yesterday was a low day

Yesterday was a low day. I thought that after the funeral all the nasty ‘compulsory arranging stuff’ would end and that we could get on with dealing with things – […]