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Our Community Steps

The heart of the suggested steps to Peace & Acceptance is contained in these steps describing the experience of grieving widows and widowers.

Meetings focus on working through the steps, often in a repeating pattern as more learning is revealed to us on our journey. There is often no linear progression.

The steps can be summarised as follows:

  1. I turned up
  2. I acknowledged I have emotions
  3. I acknowledged “I” as a unique individual
  4. I acknowledged the future
  5. I acknowledged there is only “now”
  6. I acknowledged emotional conflict
  7. I accepted my emotions
  8. I accepted the future
  9. I accepted and found “I” as a unique individual
  10. I accepted emotional conflict
  11. I planned for my future
  12. I accepted that what happened is part of what made me the person I am today
  13. I accept “now”

A summary on each of these steps can be found in the following YouTube videos.