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Why join one of our groups?

Bereavement Support Groups are reasonably common, they often provide a safe place to meet others, talk about how you feel and feel supported.

However, they often include an array of grievers in different circumstances and have little sense of progression and active work to move through our grief to a place of peace and acceptance – hence the creation of the Peace and Acceptance Community.

We are a community of active grievers that have lost our partner/wife/husband and follow a helpful framework of group meetings, inspired by the 12 step programs. Active grieving, to us, means taking deliberate steps to work through the emotions and pain on a journey to peace and acceptance.

We have a shared vision to live in peace and acceptance of our loss and agree to live our lives by shared values that lead us towards a common purpose.

Peace and Acceptance is achieved by working the Peace & Acceptance Community program steps and we recognise that this is a lifelong commitment.

Each meeting we follow a set format, this enable us to keep all meetings moving forwards and means we focus on the steps and outcomes, rather than on an individual leader.