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My story of coping after the death of my wife

My name is Mark Oborn and I’m not really sure what this website is all about. My beautiful, adoring and childhood Sweetheart wife of 22 years, Claire Oborn, ┬ádied suddenly and completely unexpectedly on Wednesday 17th April 2013 aged 43.

She was apparently fine at 0830 but by 1900 she was gone.

This website is dedicated to her, my 4 children, my 1 grandchild our family and really to helping me through the healing process by keeping a record of how far I’ve come – in fact the honest truth is that setting up this site has been a welcome distraction and given me something else to focus on for a few hours.

I loved that girl with every fibre of my body, the grief and pain of her death are unlike anything I’ve experienced before, she was my sunshine, my life, my passion, my everything.

Claire and Mark Oborn
Claire and Mark – how it was meant to be!
As we were as beautiful teenagers
Hey, we were young! (I was 21 and Claire was 20)

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