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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Our natural healing process

I had a bit of a revelation yesterday whilst thinking about what I would talk about on the Huffington Post live interview. It’s strange how these revelations can happen at […]

Do Nothing, it helps

I’m reading an amazing book at the moment called Do Nothing, it’s not specific to grief and loss but is specific to life in generalā€¦ So I guess it pretty […]

Love is…

This post has the possibility to be cataclysmicly misinterpreted, but I’m going to write it anyway because I want to document how I feel and I know others feel the […]

I’m writing a book

I’ve decided to write a book. A few people have suggested to me over the past couple of months and I have been resisting as it seems like a lot […]

Diary of associated living

Since losing Claire I have become painfully aware of the fragility of our grip on life. Claire went from being perfectly well to dead in less than 12 hours which […]

What does it mean?

It’s so easy to attribute meaning to things isn’t it? The things we wear, the things we say and the things we do mean different things to different people and […]