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50 Random Acts of Claireness

This September would have been Claire’s 50th birthday, and I’d like you to celebrate with me… So, I’d like to share with you an idea. But first, a little history… […]

afterlife rickygervais

#AfterLife by @rickygervais – One word. PAIN.

last night I watched the entire first series of AfterLife on Netflix. 3 hours of back-to-back episodes. Tears were streaming within 10 minutes of episode 1… And still haven’t stopped this morning. I […]

Grief does not discriminate

I was recently contacted by a man that wanted to join our support group on Facebook, he said words to the effect of: It was my husband that died, not a […]

Is there life after death?

Is there life after death?

I have the answer. Yes, 100% there is! Now I’m not talking about life after death for the person that has died, clearly, I’m talking about ‘is there life after […]

6 weeks to live

This picture popped up on my Facebook stream today as one of those memories. When I first saw this photo I got caught up in remembering this holiday, it was […]

Misty eyes of macho men

Misty Eyes of Macho Men

This poem was recently shared with me, I simply can’t keep it to myself so have reposted it here. Permission has been obtained.   This is beautiful… I was never […]

Feeling sad & happy at the same time

Is it really possible to feel sad and feel happy at the same time? When someone dies we will of course feel extremely sad at the loss as we experience […]

“I’m getting there!” – really?

Do you use the phrase “I’m getting there”? Really? Here’s another video to challenge you! If we’re getting there, how will we know when we are ‘there’? What will we […]

How to support someone that is grieving

How to support someone that is grieving

If we know someone that is grieving and want to offer them support, what can we say? You may feel that the person you know is doing really well and […]