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Forever Doesn’t Exist

When Claire and I got married we thought we would be together forever, but what does forever really mean? If you are with someone you love, do you really think […]

Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary My Love

On this day, 25 years ago, I married my childhood sweetheart. My my, things have worked out rather differently to what we planned. It’s the 15th June every year that […]

grief awareness week

Children’s Grief Awareness Week

I’ve not written many blog posts here recently, but I feel compelled to do so as part of children’s grief awareness week, which is currently running in the UK. I’m […]

2 Years

The last time I wrote a blog post was exactly one year ago. It’s now two years since Claire passed away and I’m still getting so many people contact me […]

The End

It’s been a year to the day that Claire left this world, a year to the day that my life changed irrevocably. It’s been quite a journey this past year […]

I wish…

I wish… Actually I don’t. I refuse to go down the thought pattern of “I wish…” there are so many possibilities that I could wish for, I could wish Claire […]


The journey I am on is a journey with a very distinct beginning, yet it is a journey without an end. Imagine walking down the beach towards the sea, taking […]

Dealing with Grief

I thought in this post I would share some of my own experiences of dealing with grief, and I mean dealing with grief, not living with it, not ignoring it, […]

A finite vessel or bottomless pit?

As I’m working through the issues that present themselves after losing Claire some things are beginning to strike me in quite a profound way. When something like this happens we […]