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Monthly Archives: June 2013

All That I am I give to You

It looks like, in all probability, that we’ve sold our house. This is the first major decision I’ve made without my beloved Claire and I’m left feeling really odd. And […]

The Power of Now

Sometimes the smallest things can get me thinking, and I never know where they are going to come from. It would be so easy to just give in to these […]

The Things I Want to Remember

Once again I’m not really sure what the purpose of this post is, memories lost.. or memories retained. I guess I have two options, the first is to complain about […]

Roundabouts and Whirlwinds

This is more of an observation than anything else, but time seems to be passing so fast at the moment. No sooner have I woken up then it’s time to […]

I made it through today

I made it through today… our 22nd wedding anniversary. It’s been an odd day, I’ve not really spoken to many people but those that I did didn’t mention that it […]

Happy to Wander

It would have been our wedding anniversary tomorrow – 22 years.  I’m 45 now, so next year was the year when the balance turned to 50% of my life  spent […]

Negatives Don’t Attract

It was Olivia’s,  my eldest daughter’s, 18th birthday on Saturday – that was a tough one. We went out for a meal as a family and yet at the same […]

Keep Looking Up

I’ve got so much support around me from friends, family and work colleagues – thank you guys, you’re all amazing and I really appreciate it. There’s no point to this […]

I can’t find the words to write at the moment. Nothing comes. All that goes around my head is that when we had a major life crisis Claire used to […]