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Monthly Archives: January 2014


Through the power of the Internet I have been in contact with some amazing people that have inspired me and motivated me to make big changes in my life. I […]

This too shall pass

I feel very strongly that I have turned a corner, a corner of acceptance, not necessarily acceptance of losing Claire but acceptance of the emotions attached to that. I’m still […]

What did Claire teach me?

When Claire was alive she gave herself wholly to me. She dedicated her life to looking after me, caring for me and taking care of me. I did the same […]

Feeling Angry?

I feel compelled to write this post as a response to some of the messages I’m getting and seeing at the moment. Normally I write about my own emotions and […]

Where is there?

Since the New Year a few people have contacted me and asked me how I’m doing, my reply has been fairly standard – “I’m getting there”. But where is ‘there’? […]

Keep facing the same way

I think it’s quite natural to grieve for the past and all that we had when we have lost someone so close. We think about the happy memories, the times […]

A Claire and Bright Perspective

I saw this on Facebook yesterday, it was shared by a couple of friends that I have made who have also recently lost their partners. It really is quite moving. […]

… I can’t…

When I first thought about it I thought “I can’t…” But I’m now at a place where “I can begin to consider the possibility and imagine the options of what […]

A change of perspective

When I feel low I write. Writing helps me make sense of everything, it helps me put things in order. Perspective 1 It’s the loneliness that is truly getting to […]