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Support Introduction

Welcome to the Lost-Without-Her support network. This is a network open to anyone that has lost their partner and is looking for some positive support and inspiration from people in a similar situation. Please be aware that all registrations are moderated but comments in the public forum are left open for everyone to see ( unless you specifically hide that post).

Registration is free and generally unmoderated.

Support network rules

  1. Please respect the views of other people at all times. As you know when you have lost a partner you create your own reality and we each have our own perception and views on the world.
  2. Abuse or any inappropriate behaviour towards another member will result in removal from this network.

How to join

Click on the registration link and complete your details.

Once you are registered please click on the ‘LOG IN’ button on the right-hand side of every page.

Conversations are viewable on the conversations tab.

How does the network work?

  1. Once you have registered you have the ability to post in the public forum. This is searchable and accessible by anyone visiting the website, only people registered are able to post.
  2. You can send a private direct message to any other member of the network.
  3. Once registered you have the ability to set up individual support groups perhaps for your particular issue or geographical area.
  4. When posting you will find a drop-down ‘privacy’ box, you can choose if you want your post to be public, only viewable to friends or only viewable to people allowed on this support network.