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The Rarer Cancer Foundation


As Claire died of an extremely rare tumour known as ¬†Pheochromocytoma it has been difficult to find the right charity to donate to. There simply isn’t the research or support for people with the rarest of tumours.

As far as we know Claire’s tumour wasn’t malignant, but it could easily have been and the Rarer Cancer Foundation are there to support patients with rare tumours and lobby government to undertake research in to these rare conditions.

From my conversations with the Rarer Cancer Foundation they tell me that often people are diagnosed and there are no leaflets or information available and these people can feel quite isolated. It seems fitting therefore to raise some money for the foundation so that they can lobby for more research and provide this valuable information for patients.

If Claire had been diagnosed earlier we would certainly have been in touch with the foundation and for that reason I’d like to support them.


I’ve ¬†set up a JustGiving page for people to donate online, please click here to donate online now.

Thank you,