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Random Acts of Claireness

2019 sees the 50th birthday of Claire, to celebrate we are inviting anyone that would like to remember her to dedicate a random act of kindness to her.

It’s really simple to take part and once you’ve done your random act I’d love to hear about it to show them all here. To take part…

  • Submit your random act of kindness by scrolling to the bottom of this page and entering your details in the form, or email them to mark @
  • Begin your random acts of kindness now. No planning, no organising. Just be on the lookout for an opportunity each day… Someone that needs a little help with something, then offer… Anything that is a random act of kindness.
  • Let me know what you’ve done. I’ll anonymise it and post it here as a tribute to the kindness that Claire showed the world.
  • Encourage others to join in and again, tell them to let me know so I can add theirs to the site too.

The kindness of Claire lives on through these random acts… Thank you.

Random Acts of Claireness

The following are all the acts of kindness completed so far in Claire’s memory. [Updated 10/9/19]

  1. Leaving enough food for a meal for 2 in the food bank collection point
  2. Saving a big hairy spider from drowning in the pool
  3. Bought some food and drinks for a homeless man outside Victoria bus station. He was asleep but I’m sure he’ll be grateful when he wakes up
  4. Helped an old woman find the shaving gel for her husband
  5. Put £5 in Marie Curie tin at Morrisons
  6. I saw 2 old lady’s broken down in the middle off the road! I pushed their car into a nearby car park so keep them safe and clear the road
  7. I have signed up this week to give my blood plasma to the Australian blood bank to save as many lives as possible
  8. I’m going to buy 4 trees from Word Forest and have them planted in her name in Kenya. The woman who takes care of the 4 saplings will receive enough money to feed her family for a week and the tree will grow to maturity under her care
  9. Talk to a homeless person & make them feel appreciated.
  10. Helping a family get appropriate support for their child.
  11. I signed up to the national online organ donation register to donate any part of my body after death which could help up to 9 people
  12. On the way to the hairdressers to spend a silly amount of money getting it cut and coloured before my holiday, the sun will probably end up bleaching it anyway for nothing…  I saw a homeless person sitting ready a Harry Potter book, not begging at all, so I popped into costa and bought him a sandwich and a coffee. He was so grateful and as I gave it to him I said…”that’s from Claire” xx
  13. I went to check on my neighbour and gave him extra produce from my allotment because I know he likes marrow ☺
  14. I gave a free entry ticket away for a science centre to a man in front of me in the queue

Submit your random act of Claireness

Feel free to leave blank. Your personal details will not be posted on the website.
I won't use this for anything other than contacting you in relation to your random act of kindness.