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Married at 23, widowed at 45. I've learned so much through this terrible process and just getting it down in this blog helps not only myself but others understand more about what happens when our partner dies. Thinking of you all!

A day of firsts

Each Sunday morning Claire and I used to have a Lavazza Late made in our espresso machine – this Sunday was the first Sunday I’ve made only 1 coffee. Last […]

Erasing the Past

After registering Claire’s death on Friday and arranging the funeral I’ve now had to inform the authorities via the government’s ‘Tell Us Once’ service. The registrar said it would be […]

Funeral Arrangements

I arranged the funeral yesterday – thanks Dad for coming with me. It is on Friday 3rd May at 1000 at the Chiltern Crematorium in Amersham – everyone is welcome. […]

Blurred, Confused & Timeless

I’ve not put the day on this post as I’m getting lost – I write these in the morning, so I’m getting confused about which day I’m talking about – […]

Cause of Death

I have just spoken to the coroner and the cause of beautiful Claire’s death has been given asĀ Acute Hypertensive Crisis caused by Pheochrimocytoma. For more details on what happened please […]

Day 8 – Feeling Cold + General Info Update

I feel so lonely today. Almost like my emotional central heating system has been shut down – there’s a ‘chill inside’ which seems to need the flame that was Claire […]

Day 7 – Devotion

People are saying that it’s lovely that Claire and I were devoted to one another. We were, absolutely and totally. But that was starting to leave a hole for me […]

Day 6 – Peace

Before I go in to the peace thing, I just need to get off my chest that the mornings are so tough. The house and our hearts seem so empty […]

Day 5 – Decisions, decisions

Morning Claire made all the decisions in our house, and like any good husband I just went along with them. It made for an easy life for both of us, […]

Day 4 – Work has to change

0830 – I run 2 of my own companies, a marketing company and coaching company. Things need to change now. I was always able to work overseas or far away […]