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Our first kiss

On this day in 1985 Claire and I had our first kiss, she even wrote it in her anniversary diary… She was soppy like that!

A year or two after she died I lost that anniversary diary and, being a man with a terrible memory for birthdays and anniversaries, I couldn’t remember when the date was… Boy, did I panic until I found it again.

Such beautiful and wonderful memories.

I’m filled with such warmth and enjoy at the thought of this day nearly 40 years ago.

And at the same time I’m filled with the most bitter sadness.

Such incredible loss, such sorrow and still so many tears.

But all of that is okay.

Conflicting emotions, held in harmony, one on each hand, both with the same highest common purpose to remind me of the wonderful years I spent with the most beautiful woman.

As I look at those emotions, one on each hand I can see them talking to one another, one of them is crying, one of them is smiling, and yet they both know they are there to serve me, to look after me and to care for me.

There’s no fighting between them, just harmony, the yin and the yan.

They gave up the fighting years ago, and it was the best thing they ever did.

Happy anniversary my love…