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#AfterLife by @rickygervais – One word. PAIN.

afterlife rickygervais

last night I watched the entire first series of AfterLife on Netflix.

3 hours of back-to-back episodes.

Tears were streaming within 10 minutes of episode 1… And still haven’t stopped this morning.

I don’t know where Ricky got his inspiration from for Tony, the lead character, nor his seemingly deep sense of understanding for the subject matter… Whatever, wherever or from whomever it was, he used that inspiration to create something quite special.

What is so special about AfterLife?

The thing that struck me was that Tony’s total, complete and utter existence was surrounded by pain… Every second, every minute… Just pain followed by more pain.

That’s what the loss of a partner is. Pain. Every waking moment. Relentlessly.

His pain resonated with my pain…

And just like when you hit the resonant frequency of a glass of water when you run your fingers around the rim, everything vibrates and the resonation gets louder and louder…

… Ricky hit my resonant frequency hard… He kept his fingers running around the rim of the glass, resonating stronger and stronger, bringing back more and more feelings of my own pain and loss.

Even through all of that emotion and 3 hours of crying I still deeply enjoyed watching.

I just couldn’t stop, I needed to know what happened in the end.

And just like Tony, with his superpower of doing exactly what he wants, I feel liberated in the same way.

My eyes are open, I see the world in all of its technicolored glory, which includes a lot of black I might add!

So out of all of that pain has come great goodness, light and love…

Life’s a bitch… And then you die…

So die happy, die after making this world we live in a better place, just like Claire did and like Ricky has for broaching such a tough subject in such a great way…