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Grief does not discriminate

I was recently contacted by a man that wanted to join our support group on Facebook, he said words to the effect of:

It was my husband that died, not a wife. I’ve been told I can’t join other support groups, can I join yours?

My answer was emphatically, yes.

Grief does not discriminate.

Grief does not care if you are married or in a long-term relationship.

Grief does not care if your partner was the same sex or the opposite sex.

All grief cares about is hurting you, causing you pain and disrupting your life.

We can’t make grief go away (in fact I actually don’t want it to as it’s a sign of the strength of the love that I had with Claire), all we can do is learn to deal with it.

We find strategies that help us cope.

We find other people that help us cope.

And slowly, but surely the grief begins to lose its tight grip… It’s still there, we still notice it but the intense pain isn’t there all of the time.

And everyone will go through this process, no matter whether they have followed the convention of being married or indeed partnered with someone of the opposite sex.

Grief does not discriminate.