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Feeling sad & happy at the same time

Is it really possible to feel sad and feel happy at the same time?

When someone dies we will of course feel extremely sad at the loss as we experience the grief on a daily basis and yet, as life moves forwards and we begin to rebuild our lives then conflict can arise as we try to remember the person that has died and how we feel about them and yet feel happy about the way life is moving forwards.

Being able to hold onto the feelings of happiness about the way life is now and sadness at the death a loved one can seem rather tricky, but holding the sadness and happiness, one in each hand can really help. Recognising that both the feelings of sadness and happiness have the same higher purpose of ensuring that you feel loved can be really comforting, there actually isn’t any confusion, they are both there to do the same thing!

Feeling sad for long periods of time can really affect our mental health and mental condition and lead to depression, acknowledging that we can actually feel good at the same time, without punishing ourselves can be a rather difficult trick to learn, but one that can really help.