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The single most important and powerful moment of my life, ever

I’ve just written a response to someone that left a comment on one of my old blog posts, their partner died within a 36 hour period, no time to say goodbye or make final plans.

I was just passing comment that Claire also died in a short period of time, 9 hours +/-.

The last time I ever saw Claire I was just arriving home from work, she was leaving the house with her sister on her way up to the hospital because she felt so terrible.

She looked awful.

We sat on the wall together outside our house whilst her sister brought the car round, I genuinely thought she just had a bit of a stomach bug, would go to hospital, they would give her some tablets and she’d be home in a couple of hours.

I kissed her goodbye and said that I would see her when they got home.

I never saw her again.

Bizarrely, the enormity of that single moment has only just really hit me.

A single moment in time, a split-second, a single glance, a whispered word, a knowing look and yet probably the single most important  and powerful moment of my life, ever.

And at that moment, I didn’t know it.

Of course I’m fully aware that this life is temporary and that anyone can die at any moment, but I’m just wondering how different life would be if we treated EVERY communication as the last communication we would ever have.

Think about the very last thing you said to someone you love. Now imagine never seeing that person again or ever having the opportunity to say anything more.

You can’t say sorry.

You can’t tell them you love them.

You can’t correct anything that was wrong.

You can do absolutely nothing and have to accept absolutely everything.

How many moments are there which could be exactly like that?

It’s a powerful thought isn’t it?