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One Final Act

It was a strange day on Saturday. We scattered Claire’s ashes, finally, 4 years after she died.

She had an absolute love for Cornwall, particularly one specific small beach near Falmouth. I remember visiting with her many times and I just happened to recall one passing conversation where she had said that this was where she wanted to be. She loved the sea with a passion, she wanted to live by the sea and walk by the sea every day (one of the most difficult things to clear out when she died was her HUGE collection of EVERY copy of Coast Magazine!).

I feel as though I have done one final thing for her, and I feel privileged to have been the person who carried out her very last wish.

Her life certainly does seem complete now, she was created through her parents as they consumed the nutrients provided by the Earth, she’s now gone back to be part of those nutrients of the Earth again… her circle of life seems complete.

There is now nothing more I can ever do for her, my one final act as her husband has come to pass.

I feel peaceful, I feel a sense of completeness & I feel a sense of satiated duty, but most of all I feel honoured to have been part of her life and to have been able to do what she wanted.

In some strange sense I feel that had I have died first that the passing conversation we had about where she wanted to be laid to rest would have died with me and that when her time came she may have missed out. What an honour she blessed me with.

Enjoy Cornwall my love, you’re forever part of it now.