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Children’s Grief Awareness Week

grief awareness weekI’ve not written many blog posts here recently, but I feel compelled to do so as part of children’s grief awareness week, which is currently running in the UK. I’m continually amazed by the number of people that continue to read this website and send me messages about their own loss, so many of those people have children and I’d like to make this blog post a pure resource for those people and their kids.

“Grief will always be difficult. But its important to know that life still goes on” #childrensgriefawareness

Posted by Child Bereavement UK on Sunday, 22 November 2015

It’s so important that the children in bereaved families are offered support, but where does one turn? To be honest, none of the professionals offered us anything when Claire died so the responsibility falls to the carers of those parents to find suitable support for those kids. I had no idea where to go to find support for the children, if you’re reading this and have recently lost someone then I hope you find it useful.

“Don’t be afraid to let your emotion out” – Kayley, 14 #childrensgriefawareness

Posted by Child Bereavement UK on Monday, 23 November 2015

Where to go for support after a parent dies

Child Bereavement UK supports families and educates professionals when a baby or child of any age dies or is dying, or when a child is facing bereavement. Our vision is for all families to have the support they need to rebuild their lives.



Returning to work after the death of your baby or child, guidance for employees.


The Childhood Bereavement Network (CBN) is the hub for those working with bereaved children, young people and their families across the UK. We underpin our members’ work with essential support and representation: bringing them together across localities, disciplines and sectors to improve bereavement care for children.



We support bereaved children and their families to help alleviate the pain caused by the death of someone close. Our services are free, funded through the generosity of our supporters.


Grief Support App

We support bereaved children and their families to help alleviate the pain caused by the death of someone close. Our services are free, fThe app has been created by a group of bereaved young people working with leading bereavement charity Child Bereavement UK.

It has been developed for 11-25 year olds who have been bereaved of someone important to them. It can also be used by friends, teachers, parents and professionals who would like to know how to support bereaved young people.

The app has information about:

  • bereavement
  • grief
  • feelings
  • how others can help

It includes a built-in notepad so you can write down how you are feeling and also links to Child Bereavement UK’s website where you can use search facilities to find other support organisations near you.

It includes stories from bereaved young people as well as short films that they have written and made. The app, which can be downloaded from the App Store free of charge, aims to help bereaved young people feel less alone and to inspire others on how to support them.



Nelson’s Journey is a charity dedicated to supporting bereaved children and young people throughout Norfolk.

Based in Norwich, we were founded in 1997, since which time we have helped hundreds of children between the age of 0 to 17, who have experienced the death of a significant person in their life e.g. parent or sibling



Cruse Bereavement Care is here to support you after the death of someone close. If someone you know has died and you need to talk, call us on 0844 477 9400 (costs apply).

Face-to-face and group support is delivered by trained bereavement support volunteers across the UK.

We also offer information, publications, and support for children.


‘Bereavement is a darkness impenetrable to the imagination of the unbereaved.’

Iris Murdoch (British Novelist and Philosopher, 1919-1999)

Talking about dying makes it more likely that you, or your loved one, will die as you might have wished and it will make it easier for your loved ones if they know you have had a ‘good death’.



The final point I’d like to make is that if you find yourself in this horrendous situation, you’re not alone. There IS help out there, just reach out and you’ll find it…