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The End

The_End_BookIt’s been a year to the day that Claire left this world, a year to the day that my life changed irrevocably. It’s been quite a journey this past year – many, many tears, much thought, much learning and a huge amount of reflection.

When I first started this blog I had no idea where it was going, all I knew was that I would use it daily to help me on my journey, that was what I did – but it’s ended up being far more than that.

This website has connected people from around the world, each person that has contacted me has been put in touch with friends that are going through the same things. This has resulted in meeting some amazing people that have travelled from around the UK and the world to visit me and others – thanks espescially to Grettel who travelled from New Mexico!

We’ve even had two people that lost partners become a loving couple as a result of meeting via this blog… yes, this blog has helped those in mourning and helped find love for those that have lost partners – I never expected any of that!

From a personal point of view this site has helped me over the loss of my lovely wife Claire, it has helped me come to terms with what it means to loose a loving partner… but I now know that I’ve turned a corner.

What I need to do now is to reclaim my life for my own. To work on ME, to begin to live life again – not as part of a couple with Claire, but as me… Mark, a unique and happy individual – and all of that is a very private and personal journey that will only be shared with people very close to me in my life. It’s a natural stage to go through, and one that I must do without sharing publicly.

When  I first registered this domain name I was aware that a time would come when it no longer felt appropriate. When I started I truly was lost without Claire, but now I feel different. I’m on a journey to finding the new me and so the word ‘lost’ doesn’t fit with my journey any more and so this will be the last post I write.

It will be the last post, not because my journey is over, but because it is just beginning. It is beginning in a new vein, a new light and a new path. I’m no longer lost, I’m on a journey to being found and so it feels right to say goodbye to this part of that journey. I refuse to live life in the past, I will respect it and cherish those amazing happy memories and use those times to build a new life for myself.

I’d like to say thank you so much for your interaction with this blog over the past year – here are some stats that might amaze you – to date we’ve had:

  1. 36,880 visit to the site
  2. Visitors from 142 countries
  3. 6232 website shares
  4. 402 likes on Facebook
  5. 309 people comment on a post
  6. 24 people join a Facebook support group for the recently bereaved
  7. 2 people fall in love and begin to rebuild their lives together via the support group

And so, now it is my time to finish off this last post.

I will continue to grow.

I will continue to develop.

I will continue to live my life to the fullest possible with the love and support of those people closest to me, and if you are one of those people – thank you, I love you from the bottom of my heart!