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A finite vessel or bottomless pit?

As I’m working through the issues that present themselves after losing Claire some things are beginning to strike me in quite a profound way. When something like this happens we seem to use phrases like “I’m at my wits end”,”I have nothing left”, “it’s all gone…” I know I have used these phrases myself several times and when I do I challenge myself to think about what I have said a little deeper and I think I’ve had it wrong for a while.

When we think in these ways it’s as though we are looking at our body as a finite vessel with finite emotions and finite resources. We seem to view it as though we have only a certain amount of forgiveness, love, respect, strength etc to carry on, but what a limiting way of viewing our infinitely resourceful selves.

I’m constantly challenged to dig deeper and deeper yet constantly surprised to find more and more. It just keeps coming – my ability, indeed our ability, to love, forgive, respect (Plus loads more) never ends. We’re not a finite vestle we are a bottomless pit, we aren’t born with resources that get used up, the truth is that they just keep on coming.

So if that’s true why don’t we dig deeper and deeper faster and faster? If all of these resources seem to replenish and keep on coming then let’s use as much as we can. 

It is so inspiring to notice our own internal strength to keep going, I remember when I first started jogging I could go at a slow pace for 2 min at a time before I required a one-minute walking breather. By practising every other day, and pushing myself a little harder each time I soon got this 2 min up to 30 min, and then 40 min and then an hour. My body just kept on responding in an amazing way, the more I pushed the more it gave. I didn’t ask my body to do it it just responded, all I had to do was put in the effort and it just did it.

So as I’m finding that our mind responds in a similar way, and keeps on providing the resources we need  in a never-ending pit of resourcefulness I’m going to keep digging, and the more I dig the strong I get and the stronger I get the harder I can dig.

If digging is the order of the day I’m off to exchange my little shovel for a great big JCB…