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What did Claire teach me?

When Claire was alive she gave herself wholly to me. She dedicated her life to looking after me, caring for me and taking care of me. I did the same for her.

I now have a choice, I can either forget all of that or I can take what I learnt from Claire and use it to help me as I go into my future, so what did I learn from her? What made Claire so special and what did she teach me? She taught me:

  1. To love with no strings attached, no hidden agendas, no mind games just straight forward and honest love.
  2. That when we give ourselves to others we receive far more in return.
  3. That tomorrow may never come, if it’s worth doing, do it today.
  4. To resolve all disagreements or arguments and never let them stew – we can’t control other people, but we can control our own response and we can forgive them even if they don’t forgive us.
  5. To keep going no matter what.
  6. To be aware of ourselves and our impact on the way we think and the way we perceive others.
  7. That scientific research is not the be all and end all, operator bias, confirmation bias, complexity and many other factors affect the validity of so-called ‘scientific’ proof. Sometimes we just ‘know’ what is true.
  8. To trust your heart as well as your head.
  9. That living by the sea really is a calming place to be.
  10. To take time for myself.
  11. To enjoy a decent bottle of wine.

All I can do now is bundle up that little box of learning, tie it with a neat bow (just as Claire would have done) tuck it under my arm and carry it with me for the rest of my life.

Thank you dear, you continue to be an inspiration to me.