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Diary of associated living

Since losing Claire I have become painfully aware of the fragility of our grip on life. Claire went from being perfectly well to dead in less than 12 hours which has led me to make some changes in my life.

All too often we spend our lives in a trance, we wake up, make breakfast, go to work, come home, eat, watch telly, go to bed and then do it all again the next day.

All too often we spend our lives thinking ‘it will be better when…’ And then suddenly years have gone past and we’re still thinking the same thing.

It’s time to stop, it’s time to change, it is time to begin to notice the wonderful beauty of life around us, right now. Right this split second.

If we fail to notice the extreme beauty of this moment then it is gone and lost forever. It can never be recaptured, we can never go back to the past, so let’s enjoy the present.

This section of my website is dedicated to creating a diary of all of the extremely beautiful things that I have noticed everyday. Things which would otherwise have faded into the distant past without so much as mention.

Life is beautiful, let’s spend some time noticing it…