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1st Holiday Season Without A Loved One – HUFFPOST LIVE

Late on Friday afternoon I was contacted by the Huffington Post live broadcasting to see if I would be willing to participate in their HuffPost Live shows which will look at the topic of coping with the loss of a loved one over Christmas, I admit I was a little nervous because I didn’t really know what was going to happen but you know me, I just went for it and said okay.

Without any prompting from me the grief counsellor Dr Judith Johnson mentioned my favourite phrase ” live in the now”, well how nice it was to hear someone else say that this is what we should do. She took it a little further and said that it would be good to not have too many plans for Christmas, who knows how we are going to feel at any given point, and if we have made definite plans and don’t feel up to it on the day then it can be rather stressful if we are unable to say no.

So in the run-up to Christmas if I have agreed to be somewhere or to do something and I let you down at the last minute, forgive me. And likewise if you have agreed to be somewhere or do something with me and you let me down in the last minute, don’t worry about it.

My plan for Christmas is to have no plan and right now that’s just the way I like it.

Here’s that interview…

Click here to watch on the Huffpost Live website