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Press the button and change your plans

So many wonderful people have sent me messages recently, this one particularly got me thinking:

“One sermon I heard at church…you are really excited about your vacation to Italy, you plan, map out and are all set for a fantastic vacation. You board the plane with your plans, maps, highlighted spots to visit, etc. and you land in Holland. What happens then?…do you embrace the beauty of Holland and all that Holland has to offer or do you just focus on Italy and what your plans were?”

Claire and I really did have plans, we were going to each work two or three days a week and spend the rest of the time bimbling around in our camper van. When our youngest child was 18 Clare was also going to have a sabbatical, anyone that knew her knows that she could tell you exactly the number of years, months and days until that was. Claire TOLD me, yes TOLD me that she was going to have an entire year where she did no cooking, no cleaning and no looking after anyone else and that we would have to spend that year running around after her. Fair enough I suppose after all she had given up for her family.

From my perspective I have been ensuring that my business is mobile and can be run from anywhere in the country leaving us free to travel and me able to do a few hours of work each day from where ever we parked the campervan.

That plan went out of the window on 17th April this year.

There must be something in our human nature which upsets us if our carefully laid plans don’t work out. What happens if we board the plane to Italy and land in Holland?

I saw this video recently from Heineken, listen to the reasons people give for not being able to change their plans.

“There’s no way we can change these plans, this is a bachelor party”

“I’d have to go through security and get on a plane and then go back to my real life”

“I can’t cancel this trip because it’s for work”

I find it striking watching that video and seeing the similarities in my life at the moment. The anxiety about pressing the button, ‘I can’t do it, I’ve got plans‘ is exactly how I feel… ‘Claire can’t die now, we’ve got plans’


But the button has been pressed, someone pressed it for me and took the decision out of my hands, I’m in a destination that I’ve never even heard of let alone considered visiting, and so I guess it’s down to me to make the most of it, right?