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The Power of Now

Sometimes the smallest things can get me thinking, and I never know where they are going to come from. It would be so easy to just give in to these negative thought patterns and spiral out of control, but there really must be a balance between listening to our body and getting on with daily life, if I completely listened to my body I’d curl up in a corner and not come out for quite some considerable time.

Someone asked me yesterday what my motivation for jogging was, they were saying how good they felt whilst exercising and that it is addictive. I must say, I feel no addiction to physical exercise at all… I never have. I don’t get that endorphine kick and each workout is painful from the first step to the last; this is nothing new, it’s always been that way with me.

I guess my motivation to get physically fit is that I now understand how fragile our grip is on this life. It’ll never happen to me… It always happens to someone else doesn’t it? We watch programmes on TV about disasters and bad things that have happened in other people’s lives… And there it is, other people’s lives… It never happens to us does it?

Well, this time it did happen to us.

If I am a little fitter then my blood pressure will come down, not that it is worryingly high but it is higher than it really should be, my heart will be stronger and in the event that I do get ill I will be better able to fight it.

If something happens to me then the kids are completely alone, so there it is… That’s what motivates me to jog.
So that thing that got me thinking what was it? I was watching the news this morning and saw an interview with a tennis player who has recently finished his chemotherapy cancer treatment, I bet he never thought it would happen to him, I bet he thought it always happens to someone else.

Our time on this planet is short, our time with the ones we love is often shorter and in this world of business planning, key performance indicators and business exit strategies I wonder how much this detracts from enjoying the now.

The only known is now. The only sure thing is now. The only guaranteed thing we can enjoy is now.

I wonder what we could notice if we simply spent more time enjoying now?