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Roundabouts and Whirlwinds

This is more of an observation than anything else, but time seems to be passing so fast at the moment. No sooner have I woken up then it’s time to go to bed again. The week days are blurring into one and the weekends seem to be hurtling by, one after another in quick succession.

I don’t know why this could be, I guess it’s a coping mechanism of some form?

There’s no time to catch my breath, no time to sit and ponder – indeed, no time to really think about the impact of what has actually happened!

The only time I have experienced this in the past, albeit in a much milder form, is when we last moved house 11 years ago. I remember reaching agreement with the respective vendors and purchasers and making a phone call to the solicitor to start the legal process, from then on it was a whirlwind, a constant roundabout that we couldn’t get off of, and no sooner had the phone call to the solicitors been made then we were sitting outside the new property waiting for the removal van to arrive with our furniture to move us in.

It’s that whirlwind roundabout that I seem to be on at the moment, except I’m not exactly sure which roundabout it is.

I’m rather hoping it doesn’t complicate the issue but it looks as though our house sale is coming together as well – so I guess I’m going to be making that call to the solicitor pretty soon once more.

Another roundabout to step on.

Is it all too much?

Is there an answer to that question?

I’m really looking forward to moving house again, the new life by the sea, more relaxed, more chilled out, more space around us but without the very valuable immediate support of my parents and parents-in-law.

Just reflecting on that now reminds me of a recurring conversation that Claire and I used to have. We had often talked about moving to the sea and accepted the fact that it was possible that once we were there we could hate it. The conversation then always came round to us saying “We would rather live life and regret things we have done, rather than regret things that we haven’t done and wished we did”.

Claire my darling, you’ve come to my rescue once again, thank you.