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It means what I want it to mean and no more

Today I feel disconnected – like there’s something important missing, the only way I can articulate it is to say I feel like I’ve had something amputated.

There’s a part of me missing and it is the strangest sensation.

I don’t really want to give the missing part of me a label as that will begin to lead how I feel, ┬áthat part is clearly Claire but beyond that I simply can’t articulate how I feel – and that’s the first time I’ve come across that problem.

I think it’s all tied up with the ‘erasing’ process. The other day my mobile rang and it was the home phone calling, so it popped up saying ‘Claire is calling you’ – that felt too weird so I had to delete her from my phone. Such a simple and actually meaningless task, yet I gave it meaning… OK – coaching mode kicking in now (I just spotted the complex equivalence trigger word in that sentence for any NLPers reading this), now I’m understanding it… I’m giving things meaning which don’t have any meaning except in my head.

  • Deleting Claire from my phone doesn’t mean anything, other than she’s not in my phone.
  • Putting widower on an official form doesn’t mean anything other than to tick a box for someone else.
  • Calling her ‘my late wife’ whilst on the phone to the pension companies doesn’t mean anything other than a label that they can understand.

When I start out writing these posts I genuinely have no idea where they are going, I just type and see what happens and often in the middle I get a little light bulb go on and I reach a new understanding.

I understand now what I was doing, and I’m not doing it any more. It means what I want it to mean and no more!