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Loss of Love

Whilst driving the other day I had a realisation. I’m not loved any more!

I’m not saying that no-one loves me, it’s just that I’m not loved in a husband/wife way any more.

I had a long chat with 2 of ┬áthe kids last night about Claire (To. and M.) – they too are feeling it… they aren’t loved in a motherly way any more.

I guess we all feel that ‘loss of love’ in a different way, the love of a Sister, a Daughter, a Mum, a Wife or a Friend. And that love that’s missing can never be replaced because it goes deeper than the specific role.. it was the unique and special kind of love that Claire gave to her husband, wife, children, sister and friends. And that love can never be replaced.

Life does feel empty without that love, it really does.

Coaching mode engage!

What does that love get for ME?

island of loveIt’s that sense of warmth, that spreads out and surrounds me, like putting on a really thick woolly jumper in the middle of a cold dark night.

That warmth of lying in a steaming hot bath and feeling the stress soak and relax away in to the water.

That warmth of a huge hug from the person you desperately love.

And once again as I think about it now, the picture of an island all alone and stranded comes to mind. Yet that same island is surrounded by the warm and relaxing sea that Claire loved so much.

I’m going to buy a big picture of an island and hang it on the wall, it’ll remind me of that love each time I walk past it.

Love isn’t something that emanates in a physical sense from another person, if it were then we wouldn’t feel loved when they left the room. Love is something that endures in the absence of that person… so if that’s true I am loved by a wife and the kids are loved by a mum – we just are!