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Each day I learn a little bit more

Yesterday seemed like a bit of a dark day, as you can probably tell from my blog post. It’s strange how things can turn around quite quickly.

I’m doing what I can to keep fit now and regularly go out for a short jog, during the day yesterday it felt as though I was nearing the end of one of my jogs when my body shouts that it wants to stop. All I wanted to do yesterday was lay down and give up. When I went for a jog in the evening I started it with the same mental attitude and found after only 100 yards I was struggling. Every step I wanted to stop. It just wasn’t happening.

But this morning I went out on that same jog along the same route, nothing has happened to me physically overnight but I went out with a different mental attitude today. I didn’t focus on the pain of each step, I focused on the feeling of having completed 3 miles and how good that feels.

It is so true but when our eyes drop to focus on every step, we notice each one and how painful it is. Yet when we lift our heads, look to the future and keep going, things seem brighter and easier.

Each day I learn a little bit more.