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Day 6 – Peace

Before I go in to the peace thing, I just need to get off my chest that the mornings are so tough. The house and our hearts seem so empty without the warm glow that was Claire – aah there I go I’m crying again!

Ok, focus and DO something – that’s what us men do!


Last night I was talking to a good friend of mine Kevin Rose (thanks for the call mate, it really helped), we were just talking it all through – how we’re coping and what happened to Claire. During that conversation I really felt an immense feeling of peace.

Peace that we told each other we loved each other often.

Peace that we never left anything unsaid.

Peace that we never argued and rarely even disagreed.

Peace that we have no regrets in our relationship.

Peace that Claire lived this way with all her friends and family, she died at total rest and harmony with the world.


My sweetheart you continue to inspire me each day.