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Day 5 – Decisions, decisions


Claire made all the decisions in our house, and like any good husband I just went along with them. It made for an easy life for both of us, there was never any friction… I just did what Claire told me to do and if she was happy I was happy.

But where do I go now to make decisions?

I feel completely lost today, like a direction less, headless chicken – wildly spinning in every direction.

Claire would have known what to do.

On the subject of decisions that Claire made. She booked a holiday for us all in July… but I’ve no idea where, how to pay the balance, who to contact or who in the family she booked it for!


I’ve done some work today. On the one hand it seems wrong that I just get on with things as if nothing has happened, but on the other hand it is a blessed relief and I can feel my mind welcoming the opportunity to light up some different neural pathways and think about something else.

Getting back to some work has really helped this afternoon. I think getting ‘a’ routine back is going to be really important – it just feels so wrong doing it without Claire!

Biggest Challenge today

Sorting out answer phone messages. Our good friend Katie popped over and sorted the answer phone messages out, there was one from Claire on there from last week which stung… thank you Katie for sorting that out for me…