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Day 4 – Work has to change

0830 – I run 2 of my own companies, a marketing company and coaching company. Things need to change now. I was always able to work overseas or far away if needed, Claire was always supportive and didn’t mind me being away – she was one of life’s ‘copers’ who coped with ANYTHING – nothing was ever too much bother for her and she knew that my success would help us achieve our dreams (perhaps I’ll write about those sometime, but as yet that is too painful to consider).

If I am away who is going to sort out the kids? They need picking up and dropping off. Work has to change.

1030 – I’ve just taken the dog for a walk, a bright sunny day but I feel so, so, so empty. Almost like the worst hunger pain I’ve ever felt but just no way to get any sustenance. I love her so much.

1300 – I started writing this blog. A welcome distraction

I’ve also started to notice people posting to Claire’s Facebook page, telling her they love her and what a great friend she was. The kids are also posting each day talking to their mum.

Each time I read those posts I cry, they make me realise what a GREAT Mum she was and such a positive influence on other people too.

A tough day today…