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Blurred, Confused & Timeless

I’ve not put the day on this post as I’m getting lost – I write these in the morning, so I’m getting confused about which day I’m talking about – was it yesterday that was day 9 or today?

My thinking is blurred and the days are blending in to one confused and timeless blob.

I’ve been through Claire’s diary to get the house and kids sorted with what to do each day… and being a techy geek I’ve set it up as ┬áseparate Google Calendar, synced it to my phone and the kids’ phones so we all share it – and integrated it in to my work’s diary so I know when I can commit to certain events etc… Trust the system Mark, trust the system.

Today I’m arranging the funeral, Dad’s coming with me as support. Thanks Mum and Dad, you’ve been so good this past week.

Hopefully by the end of today I’ll be able to give you a date.

I sat down with the 4 kids last night and discussed the funeral and what they wanted to do, a few tears were shed but we came up with an idea that will put a smile on their faces and on those that attend – I want all memories for the kids to be good ones, and that includes the funeral.