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A day of firsts

Each Sunday morning Claire and I used to have a Lavazza Late made in our espresso machine – this Sunday was the first Sunday I’ve made only 1 coffee.

Last night I woke up cold in bed, it was the first night I’ve done that as we used to cuddle up to each other if we were cold.

Yesterday I cooked a Sunday roast, it was the first time I’ve ever cooked one and Claire not be there.

A day of firsts.

I know we are going to experience this a lot, especially during the first year as anniversaries, Christmas and birthdays come round – so I have a choice.

I can either dread each first and curl up in a corner, or I can become stronger knowing that we never have to go through that particular first again and we’ve overcome another small but significant challenge.

Claire was one of life’s copers. She just got on with stuff and we often talked about the problems we encountered with the kids (those that know us well will know what we are talking about) – she always said to me:

“Mark, what can you change and what can’t you change? Now only focus on changing what you can and accept the things you can’t” – what great advice my sweet.

So I’m going to listen to Claire because she was always right, I’m choosing to live by her example with her as my inspiration – I can’t change that she’s gone, but I can change how I react to my ‘day of firsts’.

Thank you dear, you’ve inspired me once again. I love you.