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Feeling Angry?

I feel compelled to write this post as a response to some of the messages I’m getting and seeing at the moment. Normally I write about my own emotions and […]

Where is there?

Since the New Year a few people have contacted me and asked me how I’m doing, my reply has been fairly standard – “I’m getting there”. But where is ‘there’? […]

Keep facing the same way

I think it’s quite natural to grieve for the past and all that we had when we have lost someone so close. We think about the happy memories, the times […]

A Claire and Bright Perspective

I saw this on Facebook yesterday, it was shared by a couple of friends that I have made who have also recently lost their partners. It really is quite moving. […]

… I can’t…

When I first thought about it I thought “I can’t…” But I’m now at a place where “I can begin to consider the possibility and imagine the options of what […]

A change of perspective

When I feel low I write. Writing helps me make sense of everything, it helps me put things in order. Perspective 1 It’s the loneliness that is truly getting to […]

That bitter/sweet contrast

I caught up with an old friend yesterday that I haven’t seen for 20 years, we had a lovely home cooked meal together and talked constantly for 9 hours straight. […]

Happy because of those Christmases past

Christmas is beginning to get a lot of people in my situation down. I take part in quite a few forums and discussion groups, they often help to share what’s […]

Grieving the old me

I have just seen this on a forum, it is extremely insightful and as I think about it now, it applies to me completely: “Loss definitely changes you as a […]